There are various types of Chi Sau at Wing Chun Self Defence; the following information is according to the Yip Wing Chun system.
Chi Sau in the context of Wing Chun Kung Fu is a name given to the unique set of drills, techniques that are exclusive to the Wing Chun system.
Chi Sau normally consists of two people and is also called Stick/Sticky hands.
The purpose of Chi Sau training is to develop ones reflex and to condition the arms.
The common Chi Sau’s are:
  • Chi Dan Sau (single sticking hands)
  • Bong Lap – (wing deflecting sticking hands)
  • Poon Sau (Double sticking hands)
  • Gor Sau (free fighting)
A few Chi Sau principles:
  • Never take your opponent lightly
  • Keep Focused
  • Look for your opponent’s weaknesses
Our Wing Chun Self Defence course in London Hackney is a good way for you to learn and develop skills in Chi Sau.