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Chi Kung

Feeling stressed?
Want to improve your energy?
Want to improve your health?


Chi Kung exercises – are more associated with Tai Chi and Yoga, performing a series of postures while breathing. The literal translation of Chi Kung is “cultivation and balance of life energy”.
Chi Kung is a simple practice that can help you find more balance in your Mind, Body and Spirit.
Our Self Defence programmes use a relaxed energy, coordinating breathing and making a sequence of different movements during our Sil Lim Tao.
The Sil Lim Tao is the first hand form of Wing Chun. It teaches the student the basics of the Martial Art form.
Our programmes incorporate Chi Kung practice to rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Spirit.
With Chi Kung, you can bring healing energy to particular parts of your body to reduce levels of anxiety, stress, and disease and build levels of self-confidence, inner peace, and improved health.
Your body will respond accordingly (heal its-self and re-balance its-self). The blockages within your flow of energy will start to disappear and your energy will start to improve.
Our Chi Kung exercises are suitable for children and can make a difference while their bodies go through a rapid growth.
Chi Sau WCSD

Chi Sau Explained

There are various types of Chi Sau; the following information is according to the Yip Wing Chun system.
Chi Sau in the context of Wing Chun Kung Fu is a name given to the unique set of drills, techniques that are exclusive to the Wing Chun system.
Chi Sau normally consists of two people and is also called Stick/Sticky hands.
The purpose of Chi Sau training is to develop ones reflex and to condition the arms.
The common Chi Sau’s are:
  • Chi Dan Sau (single sticking hands)
  • Bong Lap – (wing deflecting sticking hands)
  • Poon Sau (Double sticking hands)
  • Gor Sau (free fighting)
A few Chi Sau principles:
  • Never take your opponent lightly
  • Keep Focused
  • Look for your opponent’s weaknesses