Training Retreat

We organise a number of training retreats during the year, whether short weekend breaks or longer trips in the UK or overseas. They consist of group getaways during which you get tailored or more intense training for a full experience of Wing Chun and Chi Kung. Such getaways are great opportunities to make the most of the training benefits where you get to train in spectacular settings, lower your stress levels and improve your health / Wing Chun skills.
Our training retreat programmes will challenge you mentally and physically. We particularly focus on improving your understanding of the internal art. We also make time to tailor our retreat programmes to the individuals coming, to make sure they reach the goals they have set for themselves.
Attending our retreats is a life-changing way to improve your Martial Arts and health, but also simply to see the world and bond with your training partners. It will give you the opportunity to become acquainted with like-minded individuals and make new friends with people from all around the world. Come and join us on our next adventure!


The Jamaica 2019 training retreat was one of the best experiences of my life! The training was a lot more intense and personalised, so I was able to progress a lot quicker and I learnt so much during the 2 weeks; my Kung Fu has definitely improved loads thanks to Sifu and the group, and it was amazing getting to train whilst watching the sunrise and sunset. Getting to spend 2 weeks in the sun with some of the best people who’ve now become family, is something I will never forget. I highly recommend joining future retreats, you won't regret it!