Better Health

Our lives are getting busier and more stressful and it’s getting harder to have a good work/life balance; with such a highly stressful lifestyle, you may experience an increased blood pressure and other anxiety symptoms, which can damage your health.
Our training programmes allow you to release stress and frustration through Kung Fu and Chi Kung for a restored and more balanced life energy.
Come and try our classes, you will feel the difference!


Get fighting fit

Our Wing Chun Self Defence programme is a good way of getting your heart rate up and burning calories while leaning effective Self Defence skills.
Our classes will get you fighting-fit thanks to our well-structured programmes: all sessions include warm ups and pad work to get your cardio going while building your core strength, and a variety of Kung Fu / Self Defence technique exercises to improve coordination and stamina.
Unlike at the gym, you will benefit from tailored assistance in class to learn the correct techniques in a nurturing atmosphere. So you get fit fast, but with plenty of support!
We also provide women-only courses for those who feel more comfortable in such settings (check out our workshops/ events section for more information on these).

Who is Wing Chun for…men or women?

Wing Chun is not reserved exclusively for men or women. While most Martial Arts are predominantly practiced by men, Wing Chun is very equally relevant and suitable for women.
According to folklore, Ng Mui’s first student of this unnamed Martial Art was a young girl named Yim Wing Chun who was being harassed by a bandit/warlord. Yim Wing took the opportunity to learn the unnamed Martial Art to defend her self and eventually drive off the bandit.
Following our Martial Arts programmes as a woman increases strength, mental awareness and allows you to deal with threats of harassment in a calm and effective way. Increasingly, women find themselves in situations that can put their lives in danger and Martial Arts training builds their confidence to respond appropriately in these high-tension situations.
Learning a Martial Art and its Self Defence techniques takes time and dedication. It is repetitive training that builds up strength and technique. However, it is not just about physical ability, but also about building the necessary mental strength to deal with anything that life puts in front of you.