Corporate Self Defence

Classes in Hackney Borough

CORPORATE Self Defence

Our Wing Chun Self Defence team based in London Hackney provide special programmes at your workplace, as part of their corporate wellbeing initiatives for staff.

Our courses are an excellent way for a company to demonstrate its support of staff safety and wellbeing. Our courses also provide a great opportunity for team building and boosting company morale.

Wing Chun Self Defence has a wealth of experience in Self Defence and Chi Kung courses.

These Self Defence courses cover:

  • Personal safety
  • Self Defence within the law
  • Domestic Self Defence applications
  • Street Self Defence application

We can provide courses tailored to your company’s needs (for example working in a specific environment), whether women/men-only or mixed groups.

Workshop | Course​

By booking our course your staff have a great team building experience and will:

  • Improve your awareness
  • Learn domestic self defence
  • Lean practical street self defence
  • Improve self-confidence

Basic Self Defence workshop:

3 hours – covering basics plus street survival applications/locks, holds and pressure points.


Basic Self Defence course:
1 hour 30 min – covering basic Self Defence applications / Drills with qualified instructor

We are fully DBS checked, insured and qualified.