Kids Kung Fu Classes

Classes in Hackney Borough

Close Range, Effective, Efficient, Self Defence & Fun

Fitness, focus, fun & more

Our classes aim to improve childrens concentration for better results in school, while building their life skills and character. We have also incorporated anti-bullying elements throughout our programmes to raise awareness and develop skills needed to stay safe.


Our Self Defence programmes encourage teamwork with group and pair exercises where they can make new friends and expand their interactive skills. We have a structured syllabus that is designed around progression of individuals – so that each child can progress at their own speed. Our classes are also fun and educational with games and scenario settings. No matter who or what the obstacles are, your child will develop the skills and strategy to respond effectively.

We encourage children to ask questions as a means to further empower them, and have built leadership programmes within classes (children acting as role-models for other children).

Our programmes also allow children to become more confident and self-reliant; your child will become stronger mentally and physically to stand up for what they believe


Our classes are specially designed to improve:
  • Listening and Concentration Skills
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills
  • Levels of Respect and Behaviour
  • Self-Confidence & Self Esteem (Build “Yes I Can” Attitude)
  • Improve attention Span
  • Overall Health & Fitness

Our classes are taught by a team of instructors who are experienced in teaching children and are DBS checked.

Start the journey here with our no-obligation free trial session.

Children can join our Kung Fu programmes from the age of 5.

Saturday – Children class

9:00am – 9:45 Beginners 10:00am – 10:45 intermediate

Address: 8 Lovelace Street E8 4FF


£ 33
  • Sat 9am
  • Discount for siblings
  • Membership £20


£ 35
  • Sat 9am | Tue 8pm
  • Discount for siblings
  • Membership £25


£ 40
  • Tue 8pm | Sat 11am
  • Discount for siblings
  • Membership £35