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Please see our terms and conditions for membership to Wing Chun Self Defence.

Wing Chun Self Defence

The following statement has been prepared to inform our customers of the terms and conditions of our membership to Wing Chun Self Defence. If you have any queries about our Terms and Conditions statement, please contact us at: sasselfdefence@gmail.com


  1. This agreement commences once you have agreed to the terms and conditions in the declaration section of this website sign up process for Wing Chun Self Defence.
  2. Your annual membership to Wing Chun Self Defence starts immediately, unless you wish to cancel your membership
  3. You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges exercisable for the type of membership chosen.
  4. You cannot transfer this agreement to anyone else.


  1. The annual Membership fee is due from you to us on commencing training at Wing Chun Self Defence, and is to be renewed each year.
  2. Monthly fees are payable on the 1st (kids) or 2nd (adults) of the month by Standing Order payment.
  3. Please note, that all payments in the form of deposits, course, and tuition fees are not refundable in any circumstances. It is your responsibility to arrive for the training course or class booked, fee will not be refunded for missed classes or courses.
  4. The Standing Order Payment amount is due from you to us on the 1st (kids) or 2nd (adults) of the month and then every month thereafter.
  5. If any payment is not honoured for whatever reason, you shall pay us on demand an administration fee of £10.


  1. You agree to comply with the General Rules of our membership related to opening hours, use of facilities and conduct in the facilities and during training sessions. We may make reasonable changes to these Rules at any time provided we give you advance notice of the change(s).
  2. If we take no action or let you off any breach of this agreement or give you extra time to pay or comply, it will not stop us enforcing the terms of this agreement strictly at a future date.
  3. This agreement is governed by English Law.
  4. We may terminate this agreement with immediate effect on notice to you if you are in breach of the Rules of Wing Chun Self Defence.
  5. Your membership will be cancelled immediately (if/ when) you cancel your Standing Order or miss your annual membership payment (made in any form). If you continue to pay your membership to Wing Chun Self Defence then this will be considered by Wing Chun Self Defence as your intention to remain a member of the school. Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility if payment is made and you have not attended. Under these circumstances tuition fees are non-refundable.
  6. On accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to pay Wing Chun Self Defence a monthly membership for services and facilities provided, until you deem that you no longer require a membership to Wing Chun Self Defence. Please note, to remain an active member of Wing Chun Self Defence you will be required to pay consecutive monthly payments in order to keep your place in the academy.
  7. In cases in which members have missed a monthly payment, Wing Chun Self Defence reserves the right to levy a £25 re-joining/ administration fee.
  8. You agree to advise us immediately of any change to the Members details provided.