Hackney Adult Wing Chun Self Defence

Close Range, Effective, Efficient, Self Defence & Fun

People today practice Kung Fu for different reasons: some because they are Martial Arts enthusiasts, others simply because they want to learn Self Defence, or improve their fitness, health and / or spirituality.
At Wing Chun Self Defence, we specialise in teaching Self Defence that will help you in the tightest of situations, for example in stairwells, lifts or on the street. We teach Self Defence techniques that are simple, effective and use minimum force to empower all; a smaller person will learn to overcome a larger person in different situations.
Wing Chun was made famous in the 70s by Bruce Lee and now by the latest Ip Man movies. The Art of Wing Chun is recognised as one of the most efficient Self Defence systems, regardless of age, size, fitness level or gender.
Our classes are taught following a structured syllabus with regular gradings / tests where your Mind, Body and Spirit will be stimulated and challenged in a friendly and relaxed environment designed to bring the best out of you.
By joining our classes or programmes you will:
  • Improve your fitness, stamina and strength durable;
  • Learn Street/ Domestic Self Defence;
  • Relieve stress and anxiety;
  • Develop health and self-confidence overall.
Tuesdays – Adult / Junior class
20:00 – 21:30 Beginners and Intermediate
Address: 8 Lovelace Street E8 4FF

Michael M

I've been doing Wing Chun for a couple of years now. I originally started as I gave up playing football due to a back problem but still wanted to keep fit. The core training has worked wonders for me and I also know some Kung Fu. There is a great family atmosphere that makes the hard work fun. If you need something for your mind, body and spirit, this is the place for you.

Jarrod L

Wing Chun has really helped our sons patience and perseverance. It's a friendly enviroment and it has been a good way for him to meet other children outside of school.

Kasia M

I've never been very strong physically and these classes have been really empowering for me, I am really glad I joined! The teachers are great, they make sure you challenge yourself and develop your skills, you get a lot of personalised feedback. At the same time, the atmosphere in class is very friendly and supportive, with students from different levels training together and everyone helping each other out.

Dominik L

I've been training under Sifu Abdul for nearly four years now. During those four years I have seen his classes, both Adult and children, grow. The family friendly atmosphere helps encourage everyone to help each other, encourage individuals to progress and succeed, as well as dealing with failure. As a result of studying Kung Fu I have seen many benefits both physically and mentally, and I am always looking forward to my next class

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